Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Torchwood or UNIT?

A tall, dark and handsome leader who's travelled in the TARDIS with the Doctor, but doesn't like to talk about it much;

A creepy bisexual second-in-command whose hobbies include dating his coworkers and pulling guns on his superior officers;

A likeable blokish sort whose function is to crack wise and make the tea;

A generally goodhearted and pretty but dim girl who wandered in on the whole setup and got adopted into it;

A frumpy girl who says practically nothing aside from occasional bits of expository dialogue and has no personality whatsoever;

...and that's all I'm saying. Let's just hope Benton doesn't have an Invasion cyberman tied up in the basement or anything.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Main site update

Just so's you know, I've done another of my far-too-infrequent updates to Nyder's Dyner, adding a Torchwood section to LGB Who and taking down the Quotes Page-- quotes from your uni mates having a smashing time is fun when you're all in uni, but after a while it starts to look a bit like you can't let go of the old days.