Thursday, December 01, 2005

Life Imitating Blake's 7

Anybody remember the sequence in "Warlord," the penultimate episode of Blake's 7 Series 4, in which two bored security guards on a catwalk decide to amuse themselves by picking off civilians with their automatic rifles?

OK, now anybody notice the similarity to recent events in Iraq, regarding the behaviour of certain so-called "civilian security contractors"?

Considering that we've already got 24-7 government surveillance, random acts of terrorism, the cultural oppression of native peoples, genetic modification, cloning, educational stratification and an unpopular leader who smiles a lot and who recently had to get rid of his favourite working-class enforcer following a scandal, I'm expecting the Liberator to turn up any minute now.

At least skin-tight black leather seems to be off the catwalks this season...