Monday, March 26, 2007


Surprise of the week: catching a 20something John "Life on Mars" Simms as a juvenile delinquent on this week's Rumpole repeat on ITV3. Close second was discovering that Destry Rides Again is actually any good.

Non-surprise of the week: discovering that Hellraiser 2 really is as bad as they say.

Disappointment of the week: the Victoria and Albert's exhibition on the impact of slavery on art and design. They decided to do it, not as a room of objects, but as a "trail" (i.e. you're supposed to wander through the galleries finding the relevant objects), meaning that after half an hour of helpless wandering trying to find the Silver Sugar Dispenser With Scenes of African Life (ca. 1750), we gave up and went to look at the Postwar British Household Design gallery instead.

Moment of Regret of the week: The Trap: What Happened to Our Dream of Freedom is over. Only three parts; why couldn't it have been six? Or twelve?

Bela Lugosi of the week: The Corpse Vanishes. More entertaining than The Black Cat, but lacking the latter's Expressionist design; less entertaining than White Zombie but with, if anything, a more ridiculous plot. Some genuinely chilling moments from Lugosi and the woman playing his wife, but the rest of the cast are only good for a laugh.