Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SJA Checklist: The Mark of the Berserker, part I

Crowds of people walking through London under alien influence: Semi-check; no crowds, but good heavens, how many alien mind control devices can one series feature?
Tie-in with Doctor Who story: Non-check.
Girl protagonist's mum is annoying: Amazingly, non-check, though her Dad fills in admirably.
Mobile phone as plot device: Semi-check. It's obvious that Clyde's Dad rejecting a call from someone called "Mel" is going to mean something important later, but we don't know what yet.
Luke says something so daft that you have to wonder how he gets through life without being mercilessly bullied: Check: the whole sequence where he argues determinedly with Clyde that his visit is in fact a sleepover despite Clyde's assertions that sleepovers are for girls.
Sonic lipstick: Non-check.
Wristwatch scanner: Non-check.
One or more of Sarah's companions falling under alien influence: Big. Old. Check.