Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Repeated Meme: Hungry Like the Woof

The Hungry Earth

Idea Proposed and Used Despite It Being Stupid During the JNT Era: Rematch with the Silurians.
Central Premise Recycled From: "Inferno" and "The Silurians," though "The Daemons", "Frontios" and "Journey to the Centre of the Earth" are in there somewhere.
Reference to Moffat's Back Catalogue: "I'm the one the monsters are afraid of" (The Girl in the Fireplace"), plus "Nobody dies!" (the Doctor Dances)
Gratuitous Scottish Joke: A Silurian with a Scottish accent, and nobody notices.
Amy Saves the Day with Wuv: No, but Rory apparently is worried about her losing her ring.
Tennant Line: "Run!" (that's Troughton via Tennant, but still) and a couple of "bwilliants."
Star Wars Bit: The way Matt Smith pronounces the girl Silurian's name, it sounds like "Leia."
Nostalgia UK: See "Journey to the Centre of the Earth," above.
Teeth!: None this week, surprisingly. Although the Silurian mask does have a nifty beak.
Item Most Likely to Wind Up as a Toy: There'll be Silurans with noses and honkers in every Tesco's in the country in a couple of weeks. Hopefully they'll take the opportunity to give us some Old Skool ones too.
Something Gets Redesigned: Silurians. With noses. And honkers. And no third eyes. You know, the main thing wrong with the old Silurian costumes was that they looked like a man in a suit, so it's a bit silly to redesign them to look even *more* like a man (OK, woman) in a suit.
The Crack in the Universe Is: Responsible for this somehow, we're sure.