Friday, January 18, 2013

Knocked for a Loop

Looper: Time-travel action film in which a man has to shoot his older self, but his older self escapes. Not bad for what it was, i.e. a pastiche of more original and better films, but I'm glad I saw it for free on an airplane rather than spending money on it.

Man With A Movie Camera: Experimental postmodern Russian silent film. Strangely hilarious despite this.

Dredd: Rather good take on the Judge Dredd comics, with the ultraviolence and sense of urban despair of the original, and surprisingly feminist for a mainstream action movie. Extra kudos for not casting Lena Hedey as a libertarian.

Dark City (Director's Cut): Fantastic neo-noir paranoia piece, picking up on the experimental sociology and psychology of the mid-century to question the nature of identity and memory. Amazing that the whole thing was done using mostly modelwork and conventional animation as well-- very little CGI.

Movie count for 2013: 4