Saturday, April 06, 2013

Cloud Computing

Cloud Atlas: Entertaining multi-narrative exploration of slavery and freedom, with some well-sketched characterisation. My main problem was that the multi-role casting got a little distracting, rather than concentrating on the narrative one kept looking to see if this or that character was Halle Berry in whiteface and/or drag. Still, props for casting Hugh Grant as a sort of Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic warrior in skull makeup.

Life of Pi: A lot better than I was expecting, in that it somehow managed to be largely true to the book (unbelievably as I'd thought it unfilmable), without being dull. The tiger alone is spectacular, though the CGI sometimes was a little obvious.

In Like Flint: I didn't actually like this one as much as I did its sequel; this one had a similar sort of Prisoneresque insouciance, but also had an anti-science message and some really awful gender politics which made the cheery sexism of the sequel look like Gloria Steinem. Still, it had some nice moments of Sixties outrageousness, and some rather nice decor.

Manborg: Forgot to mention this one which I saw at a midnight screening courtesy of SF London. A careful mixture of every single 1980s genre movie, from Scarface to Hellraiser to Full Metal Jacket. So awful it's almost poetry.
Movie count for 2013: 19