Sunday, November 17, 2013

In between the TV box sets...

Point Blank: Classic, surreal, 1960s thriller that views like a Jacobean revenge tragedy.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within: Uneven but enjoyable computer-animated based-on-a-videogame film. Low points: a bit cliched, a bit derivative of EVA and other Japanese standards, plus, sigh, the sole black character dies in the third reel. High points: a surprisingly non-cliched ending to the romance plotline, some spectacular, almost photorealistic CGI, a heroine whose look appears to be based on Clea Duvall, and, well, Steve Buscemi like you've never seen him before.

Drag Me To Hell: Wicked and postmodern return to form for the Raimi Brothers; a horror film which subverts the moralistic cliches of the American teen-horror genre, and takes a gleeful swipe at the selfish and overprivileged while it's at it. Plus best CGI goat ever.

The Constant Gardener: The premise is interesting enough-- quiet civil servant investigates his wife's murder and discovers she was about to go public about the nefarious activities of pharmaceutical multinationals in sub-Saharan Africa-- but the story takes way too long to tell, and Ralph Fiennes, as the hero, is a little too uncharismatic to hold the viewer's attention.

Movie count for 2013: 63