Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Repeated Meme: Bunch of Stoners

Time of Angels

Idea Proposed but Not Used During the JNT Era: The Doctor's Wife (yes, I *know* it wasn't a serious suggestion, but so what).
Central Premise Recycled From: "Aliens", though the bit with the television monitor owes far too much to "Ring" as well.
Reference to Moffat's Back Catalogue: Almost the entirety of Moffat's back catalogue gets thrown into a blender for this one: "Silence in the Library"/"The Forest of Gump" gives us an expedition led by River Song being turned one by one into catchphrase-spouting disembodied voices, plus a TV programme which turns out to be what's really going on; "Blink" gives us Weeping Angels plus televised recordings which interact creepily with people; "The Girl in the Fireplace" gives us a "The Time Traveler's Wife" pastiche; even "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances" had a recorded voice which turned out not to be recorded.
Gratuitous Scottish Joke: None for a change, guess someone realised it was getting old. Then again, maybe it winds up in Part II.
Amy Saves the Day with Wuv: Amy saves the day with Brains instead, figuring out that she could stop the tape when the blip appears.
Tennant Line: No actual lines, but a lot of gabbling at top volume, plus the whole "there's one thing you never put in a trap: me!" might as well be a Tennant line.
Star Wars Bit: None this episode either.
Nostalgia UK: A James Bond pastiche for an opener.
Teeth!: On the Angels.
Item Most Likely to Wind Up as a Toy: No-brainer: the Weeping Angels are already toys. Though I'm also seeing the possibility of an eleven-inch River Song, modeled on the old The Bionic Woman toys, with lots of different outfits to wear; she's had three already.
Something Gets Redesigned: The Weeping Angels, who have apparently mated with the Pyroviles from "The Fires of Pompeii."
The Crack in the Universe Is: In the "Next Time" trailer.