Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Repeated Meme! It's the new Recylingwatch!

And now, the Doctor Who Repeated Meme. Sort of like the Sarah Jane Checklist, but more detailed, and indeed like Recyclingwatch, but shorter. It can also be used as a bingo game, or drinking game, or the basis for limericks.

The Eleventh Hour

Idea Proposed but Not Used During the JNT Era: Nothing this week, but just wait.
Central Premise Recycled From: "The Time Traveler's Wife."
Reference to Moffat's Back Catalogue: "The Girl in the Fireplace" (Doctor meets a girl, then meets her again as a grown woman)
Gratuitous Scottish Joke: "Fry something."
Amy Saves the Day with Wuv: Actually, Amy nearly screws up the day with Wuv, as her Wuv for the Doctor causes her to imagine Prisoner Zero into his form at the end of the story. But fortunately the Docotr manages to straighten things out.
Tennant Line: "Geronimo," "No, no, no," etc. Though give him time, he's regenerating.
Star Wars Bit: Not this episode.
Nostalgia UK: Leadworth is a chocolate-box English village with a cute post office and no Tesco's.
Teeth!: On Prisoner Zero, whatever form it takes.
Item Most Likely to Wind Up as a Toy: The sonic screwdriver's already in our local Tesco's (yes, *we* have one; we live in reality not Avengerland).
Something Gets Redesigned: The Doctor, the TARDIS, the sonic screwdriver...
The Crack in the Universe Is: Right in the middle of the story, why do you ask?

The Beast Below

Idea Proposed but Not Used During the JNT Era: The Space Whale (or Wail, depending who you ask)
Central Premise Recycled From: "The Ark", or possibly "The Starlost."
Reference to Moffat's Back Catalogue: The Smilers are another creepy quasi-human stalking thing in the tradition of the Clockwork Robots, the Empty Child and the spacesuits from "Silence in the Library."
Gratuitous Scottish Joke: They've split off from the rest of the UK and started their own spaceship.
Amy Saves the Day with Wuv: Awww, wasn't that a lovely sweet ending? I cheered.
Tennant Line: "No, no, no, no, no!"
Star Wars Bit: "You're my only hope" plus garbage-chute antics, plus heroes finding out they're actually standing in a mouth.
Nostalgia UK: Future London is an EPCOT-centre version, with bowler hats, punks and cockney market traders all hanging out together in a corridor full of bunting and red telephone booths.
Teeth!: On the Smilers, and the Whale.
Item Most Likely to Wind Up as a Toy: The Smilers are the most obvious, though a gun-toting Sophie Okonedo would be just the thing to liven up a Barbie collection.
Something Gets Redesigned: The UK, apparently
The Crack in the Universe Is: In the base of Spaceship UK as the girl recites the little poem.

Victory of the Daleks

Idea Proposed but Not Used During the American Telemovie Era: Redesigning the Daleks
Central Premise Recycled From: "Power of the Daleks."
Reference to Moffat's Back Catalogue: The Empty Child (WWII setting) and "The Girl in the Fireplace" (Doctor has backstory with historical figure)
Gratuitous Scottish Joke: "Oi, Paisley boy."
Amy Saves the Day with Wuv: By going all Buzzcocks and asking Bracewell "ever fall in love (with someone you shouldn't?)"
Tennant Line: "Bwilliant" and "Churchill, yow beeeauty!"
Star Wars Bit: Dogfights in space, plus the Dalek ship's Milennium Falcon bit as it zips off into hyperspace.
Nostalgia UK: Disneyfied Blitz, with loads of stiff-upper lipped chappies, cheery cockney air-raid wardens, and the only sign that anyone's suffering at all is Breen's little moment of sniffles over her boyfriend/husband/whatever's demise.
Teeth!: None, but a lot of stiff upper lips.
Item Most Likely to Wind Up as a Toy: Go on, guess. There's five of them, they come in a collectable array of colours, and they look like they'd fit right in to any Duplo set.
Something Gets Redesigned: The Daleks
The Crack in the Universe Is: In the wall behind the TARDIS as it dematerialises for the last time. Also, apparently, somewhere in Amy's memory.